As the industrial world heaves a collective sigh of relief and job sites begin to reopen, one thing is clear: work is never going to be the same.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact, it might be the best opportunity you’ve ever had to change your business forever.

If we’ve learned anything from the recent pandemic, it is clear that remote work could be the new norm, with advanced technologies being used to augment the capabilities of decision makers – and this rings especially true when it comes to IoT Solutions.

In a recent article with CRN, Intel’s Brad Haczynski put it simply: If you didn’t have a digital transformation strategy (before COVID-19), you need to have one moving forward.

Whether you have a dedicated IoT policy or are just dipping your toe into the sea of available IoT solutons, our team of engineers has compiled a list of the Top 5 Ways that IoT Can Revolutionize Your Business…

1. Remote Monitoring is a Must

Whether for maintenance purposes, security, or for operational optimizations, Remote Monitoring of assets can revolutionize the next phase of your company’s digital transformation efforts.

Using the technologies at your disposal, you can capture a bevvy of key data points including:

  • Tank volume & pressure
  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Landform changes
  • Flow
  • Fuel consumption
  • The list goes on!

And these capabilities become all the more valuable as it comes time to reduce capital expenditures – after all, why not monitor remote job sites through a single interface as opposed to having multiple in-field workers tackle the same task?

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2. Boost Your Preventative Maintenance Program With IoT

If you’re like most industrial firms, you have an in-place maintenance program for vehicles and heavy equipment.

With IoT solutions, you can boost these capabilities with real-time notifications of issues, as well as predictive analysis of how equipment is operating in the field.

3. Analytics at the Edge

The comparison between data and oil has been drawn on many occasions, most notably by Forbes Magazine, describing it as an untapped resource positioned to revolutionize the way work is done.

This is true – for the most part.

Like oil, data needs to be refined in order to get the most out of it – otherwise you’re left with muck.

For your job site data, consider looking into ways to enhance how you refine & utilize your data-sets.

With Edge Computing, you can capture and analyze your data at-source, helping drive faster decision making through real-time notifications and updates of anomalies, improving how decisions are made as staff is reduced on the front lines.

4. Single Framework for Integration

As industrial firms push to accelerate their digital transformation, it is easy for things to become complicated fast.

Before switching to Yonder, several of our clients would work with over a dozen sensory vendors to capture Key Data Points from job-sites, each with their own gateway and interface. That’s a lot of logins to remember.

Instead, we recommend exploring platforms that offer a single Integration Framework – that is, a platform that connects to multiple sensory types through a singular gateway device.

For those of you who are still reading, thank you! I hope you’ve found value in this, and have been able to spark your own ideas for how IoT could revolutionize your business.

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