GPS Tracking technology is a wonderful tool…if used correctly.  The benefits look fantastic when you read them on a website or talk with a sales person: Higher Utilization! Lower fuel costs! Safer Drivers!

All of this is 100% true, but the vast majority of people who sign up for this technology do not understand how to use it to its full potential and end up wondering what they are paying for.

We at Latium saw this gap in the industry and decided to do to GPS Tracking what we did to Fleet Management.  It is not enough to simply sell and train on programs, they need to be executed consistently on a day to day basis, curated to make better and immediate action needs to be taken at the moment it happens in the field.

This is our GPS Active tracking program.  Find out more about it here.

It’s easy to talk about this anecdotally, but that’s not really enough to show true value.  In Fleet Management, everything can be boiled down to dollars and cents.  To show that our GPS Active Tracking Program is what we say it is, we took data from 3 distinctly different Customers and compared them.

Total Avoidable Cost is a summation of savings derived from excessive fuel use, costs due to abuse and poor driver behaviour.  Cost of accidents or Lost Time Injuries were not calculated in.

Customer “A” 

This is a customer that utilized our GPS Active Monitored service, where we are actively monitoring, assisting and correcting driver behaviour 24/7.  Weekly summary reports and Quarterly trending analysis is also provided.

Customer “B” 

This is actual Customer Demo Data, compared against the actual Customer “A” in previous pages.  This customer ran our devices for a year, unmonitored to see what their real world issues were.  We captured and compared against our Customer “A” with GPS Active Monitoring to show potential cost savings.

Customer “C” started out utilizing our GPS Active Monitored service but opted to cancel it

This is actual Customer Data where the customer started with our GPS Active Monitoring and decided to cancel it in June 2014.

Trending Analysis 

Customer “A” – 100% GPS Active Monitored

Customer “B” – Pilot Project, Determining Potential Savings

Customer “C” Started with GPS Active Monitored service but canceled it June 2014


Customer “A” is an excellent example of a customer who has worked with Latium to develop policy, procedures and have us monitor their solution to achieve real savings.  most of our customers follow this model and it serves as a true differentiator in a crowded market.  Looking at Customer “C” it is easy to see that Technology alone isn’t enough.  As soon as the drivers realize that they are not being watched, bad habits come back almost immediately.    Customer “B” got a real hard look at their driving behaviour and could equate the implementation of Latium’s solution as real world savings.

We generally estimate a Return On Investment of about 300% and within 6 months for most customers.  These are numbers that cannot be ignored.  GPS Technology companies talk about all the potential savings that can be had with their technology.  These statements are very true, but unless an expert that knows the technology, drivers, regulations, maintenance, trues costs, etc etc, is steering the ship GPS technology alone is not worth the investment.

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