The use of technology is on the rise and the fleet industry is not left behind in the use of modern technologies. Many fleet management companies are turning to machine and IoT technologies to provide better quality service while cutting cost. In 2019, we will see an increase in the use of technology in all operations including vehicle maintenance, and logistics. Besides, route optimization, vehicle tracking, and behavioral monitoring among others will also utilize technology. Below are some of the trends fleet management trends to keep up with, in 2019.

Video Analytics to Enhance Behavior Monitoring Solutions

Behavior monitoring and tracking are among the most recent trends within the fleet management industry. The installation of video analytics requires onboard computers with 4G and GPS, visual analytics software, G-sensors, and IP cameras. While keeping track of the well-being of drivers, the video analytics cans go a long way in helping to reduce accidents. Furthermore, there will be a measurable cut down on wasteful activities such as unnecessary fuel consumption. The trend of using video analytics will hit the industry by storm in 2019.

Autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles

Currently, autonomous vehicles have become popular and are gaining traction in the fleet industry. Experts are saying this might just be a beginning because the numbers will rise in 2019. More fleet management companies have plans to obtain autonomous vehicles. Apparently, autonomous vehicles will enhance efficiency with self-driving capabilities. Further, the vehicles will improve road safety with integrated car technologies like vehicle-to-vehicle communication and forward collision avoidance. By next year, experts foresee that the autonomous vehicles will have over 60% market penetration.

Artificial Integration in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The revolution and use of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the fleet management industry will escalate in 2019 as well. Many companies in the industry will strive to develop and deploy systems that leverage Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and machine vision technologies. Particularly, advancements in technology may offer far more superior systems than the previous generation of ADAS solutions in 2019. Tech gurus anticipate that ADAS will keep getting smarter and offer more safety for drivers and other road users. We could see a rampant use of sensor-driven systems such as lane changing assistance to visual analytics-based systems. These systems can identify any objects on the road or its conditions to avoid accidents. The system will also bring a cost-effective benefit, saving on maintenance and sudden downtime across the fleet.

Predictive Maintenance system

The increasing adoption of IoT sensors and devices will contribute to the incorporation of the predictive maintenance system. The system will utilize IoT technology and wireless communications to remind the driver when the vehicle is due for service. By using onboard sensors, fleet managers can use collected data to predict when the vehicle may need repair. Moreover, the system may schedule downtime and avoid any malfunction.

These are only some of the major trends we will witness in the fleet management industry. We should see more, especially with the current increase in innovation and usage of technology.