In the past, the transport industry has been hesitant to adopt new technologies in their general and essential activities. However, they have gradually realized the importance of modern technologies in the practice of management and conduct of business. Drivers and fleet managers are continually striving to improve safety and productivity. Based on this, we cannot rule out the fact that technology has brought a revolution to trucking and fleet management. Below are the most common technologies and how they have impacted trucking and fleet management.

Platooning Tech

If you have not heard about platooning tech, this is the right chance to get a clear comprehension. Notably, this state-of-the-art innovation that involves a number of trucks equipped with smart technology that enables them to travel in a pack and mutually communicate while in transit. Platooning technology relies on Bluetooth technology for communication between the trucks. With this technology, a shortage of truck drivers will not become a problem. Most importantly, trucks in a platoon are less likely to cause accidents because the computer operating the truck is not vulnerable to fatigue or distractions. The computerized system is also able to calculate the most fuel-saving way to travel, consequently saving on fuel expenses.

Telematics and GPS Tracking

Telematics technology incorporates enhanced communication tools with GPS devices. This technology allows fleet managers to monitor driver information in real time, including the driver’s location, speed, and behaviors. Additionally, this technology also allows the fleet manager to target and monitor the overall achievement of their safety initiatives and policies.


Currently, fleet tracking is one of the rapidly growing GPS navigation applications. GPS fleet tracking helps fleet managers to locate fleet vehicles, plan and set up the shortest routes. In addition, the tracking application update drivers with real-time driving directions to their given destination. Another important feature of the navigation application is that it also helps with anti-theft and accident tracking roadside assistance as well as tracking attendance of drivers.

Increased Efficiency

Impacting your trucking business with a boost of efficiency is always helpful and profitable in the long run. For instance, adopting GPS systems helps long-distance drivers figure out where they need to go without stressing out. Moreover, modern two-way radios facilitate better communication between drivers and dispatchers. Keeping up with the latest trends in technology will give your business a completive advantage, especially in the transport industry.

Anti-Theft Technology

Tracking technology incorporates anti-theft and-tamper functionality to detect and report any potential risks in real-time. The anti-theft feature in trucks includes a menu ability to identify any attempts to interfere with the battery or jam the GPS or GSM signals. Whilst an inbuilt motion detector notify of any unauthorized movements, daily health check feature to ensure that all units are operational. With the anti-theft technology, your fleet is definitely more secure.

In the modern day world, technology is by far making huge positive impacts on the how different things are being done. With all the above revolutionizing changes in trucking and fleet management, you stand a chance to grow and develop your business to greater heights.

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