If you’re like many businesses, you’ve found yourself in the midst of some unscheduled downtime in the last three months. Whether it’s from rescheduled projects or shifts in the market, the fact remains that many have parked their fleets for the foreseeable future.

At Latium, our team of experts has been working with multiple firms during this time to help make the most of this unscheduled downtime, offering some helpful tips along the way.

Re-assess Your Fleet’s TCO

This period of unscheduled downtime is the perfect opportunity to bring together your teams of financial accountants & fleet managers to assess your total cost of ownership, asking yourself some tough questions such as:

Should we rent or own our fleet? Where can I cut more costs? Are we making the most of our fleet’s utilization?

Learn more about assessing your TCO here.

Ensure You’re Up-to-Date on Maintenance & Warranty Work

When things are booming, it’s pretty common for maintenance to be pushed to the back burner. But, if you suddenly find yourself with more free time, it might be a opportunity to ensure your fleet is primed and ready once things resume.

Find out how Latium can help you stay up to date on maintenance here.

Invest in Driver Behavior Technology

If you haven’t already, this might be the perfect opportunity to invest in fleet tracking & driver training programs that can transform your fleet in both the short and long-term, with things like: reduced idle time, enhanced driver safety, improved vehicle/equipment utilization, and lower insurance premiums.

Some short-term benefits might include: reduced idle time, enhanced driver-safety, improved vehicle/equipment utilization.

These are just a few ways we’re helping our clients navigate these challenging times – how are you working to make the most of your unscheduled downtime?

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