These days it has almost become fashionable for companies to outsource their fleet management to large off-shore firms which gobble up such accounts to become even bigger. Sometimes there’s even a cost advantage in doing this – but in the long run, is it really the best thing for your company to turn over management of company vehicles to a firm like this? This article will take the standpoint that it is much more advantageous to your business to retain a local fleet management company, and it will identify the reasons behind this position.

Benefits of local fleet management

The very first advantage of staying local with your fleet management is that a great deal of time can be saved in establishing a system of management. While this may not be important in every single case, it becomes crucial in project-based fleet management, wherein your company has a specific project upcoming, and you require assistance with vehicle procurement, proper setup, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. All this can be communicated much more efficiently with a local firm, and any needed tweaks can quickly be made to the process.
A local firm will typically be much more familiar with your company and its overall objectives than would an off-shore company, which has no real understanding of your place in the community. For that same reason, local management would also have the advantage of establishing better relationships with your employee drivers, which in turn will make the whole fleet management operation easier and smoother.

Any obstacles that arise can also be dealt with much more efficiently and rapidly by a local, on-the-spot management company than by a remote organization which is not in touch with local situations. Your business is local and your customers are also probably predominantly local, which means that it makes the most sense for your fleet management to have that same nearby presence.
When you consider that this kind of model can result in a cost savings through more direct and efficient fleet management, and also through local monitoring and GPS tracking, it is not an exaggeration to say that having local fleet management can ultimately be a more economic proposition than the supposedly cheap off-shore approach.

Your one-stop fleet management solution

If you’d like to have it all done for you – not just a la carte menu management – contact the company with a complete fleet management solution for your company, Latium Fleet Management. Your fleet of vehicles can be actively monitored, maintained, managed, and operated, with a round-the-clock call center to handle emergencies and other potentially dangerous situations. With no long-term commitment required, you are free to retain Latium for your fleet project, and then consider the advantages of a longer-term arrangement. Keep it local, and keep it Latium.

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