Since 2008, Latium has provided companies with Latlogix, our all-in-one fleet management and tracking platform to help our clients reduce cost, enhance visibility, and optimize their workflows.

For one Edmonton-based trailer rental company, we were asked to tackle something completely different…

The Challenge

For our client, trailer theft was becoming increasingly prevalent year-over-year – and it’s easy to see why. With assets in the field for months at a time, it became easy for equipment to disappear from major projects.

More difficult still was recovering these stolen assets – with limited visibility into location, it became almost impossible to locate and collect their assets.

The Solution

To help our client, Latium installed cost-effective, battery powered GPS modules onto each piece of rental equipment, sending daily alerts about the asset location to the Latlogix interface.

These devices were placed covertly to reduce the risk of them being removed.

The Results

Thanks to our use of Latium’s platform, we’ve helped our industry partner enhance their visibility into asset location; the number of missing/stolen assets has decreased by 90% Year-over-Year.