Each year, thetruthaboutcars.com conducts a survey among Internet users to determine which vehicles are most favored by consumers, and which are most appreciated for their drivability, economy, safety, power, and overall performance. The final rankings are determined by totaling up all user rankings of the 10 best and 10 worst, then for each vehicle, subtracting the total worst designations from the total best designations, and sorting the results in descending order. For example, if a vehicle received 50 votes in the ‘Ten Best’ category, and 15 votes in the ‘Ten Worst’ category, its final score would be 35.

Numbers 1 – 5

At the top of the heap was Mazda MX-5 Miata, recently updated and much appreciated for its agility and sportiness on the road, with very high grades for performance and handling. Next was the ever popular Ford Mustang, enjoying a recent resurgence in popularity perhaps in part due to its legendary history, but also because of its superior power and performance currently.

The Volkswagen Golf came in at number three due to its tremendous versatility, as well as its styling and fun to drive turbocharged performance in GTI trim. Next came the Tesla Model S cited frequently for its powerful acceleration ability, going from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds, yet being rated among the safest vehicles of its type.  Hard to best electric motors for their instant torque. At number five was the fully updated Chevrolet Corvette, a masterpiece of styling and high end performance that can now go toe to toe with Europe’s best.

Numbers 6 – 10

In sixth place was the Honda Accord, one of the most consistently honored vehicles, yet one which still underwent design refinements and performance improvements last year. Mazda6 found favor as a mid-size car, and was frequently lauded for its safety features and stylishness. In eighth place was the only truck to crack the Top 10, the Ford F-150, which users appreciated for its toughness and its tremendous safety design.

Chevrolet Impala ranked ninth in the survey, and was the only full-size vehicle in the Top 10. Parents appreciated its roominess, power, and superior performance. And last but certainly not least, the Top 10 most popular Internet user vehicles is rounded out by Mazda3, a fuel-efficient economy car that found broad appeal among many different users for its versatility, styling and fun driving characteristics.

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