Managing a fleet of vehicles is a complicated endeavor.  Any company that relies on transportation as a portion of its business model needs to minimize the risks involved by employing various measures.  The most effective of these is to use a professional fleet management company that can step in when things go wrong on the road.  Here are just a few of the services and benefits available with this type of coverage.

24 Hour Assistance

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or time of day or night, if a problem occurs with one of your fleet vehicles, there is help available.  Emergency assistance services are on call 24/7, 365 days a year.  With a responsive service that is there to take your calls, critical deadlines can still be met, and drivers can operate in nearly all conditions with peace of mind.


If a breakdown or an accident occurs, the Client Care Centre will contact both the driver of the vehicle and the company’s fleet management representative.  Advances in technology, such as GPS tracking, make getting information to all parties faster than ever.

Vehicle Replacement

Professional fleet management emergency assistance services can get your vehicle replaced fast.  A replacement vehicle can be delivered either to the site or the company location.  Your damaged or inoperable vehicle will be picked up for transport to a repair facility.

Insurance Coordination

If insurance is involved due to an accident, fleet repair services will coordinate claim processing with your insurance company.  They can have your damaged vehicle inspected by an independent adjuster and arrange for insurance company inspectors to review damage if necessary.

Repair Monitoring and Return of Vehicle

Once a damaged or inoperable vehicle has been inspected, the fleet repair department can recommend repairs if that is the most cost-effective option for the vehicle.  If repairs are recommended, multiple quotes are obtained for the services so that the customer receives the best value.  Once repairs are complete, the vehicle is returned to the company to be placed back into service.

Fleet management on the company side is a difficult job as there are many players and moving parts consisting of both people and assets.  The most effective fleet managers establish strong internal policies with their drivers and make use of quality fleet management services so that both people and assets are protected when things go wrong on the road.  This winning strategy not only saves money but lives as well.