How Big Data can Revolutionize Your Maintenance Program

These days, maintaining your fleet should no longer be a strictly manual process.

With a wide range of available technologies, you can enhance your maintenance strategies and reduce downtime through hyper-accurate, real-time reporting functionality.

Find out how below…

Lower Service Rates

Thanks to our Canada-wide network of partnerships, Latium can provide you with exclusive rates on everything from parts, service, to regularly scheduled maintenance.



Save Time

By outsourcing your maintenance with Latium, you can improve how your time is utilized each day, knowing your fleet is in trusted hands.



Reducing Risk

Our team of experts can help ensure you remain compliant with the various service & maintenance requirements in your region.

What is Meant by “Fleet Maintenance Technology”?

Simply put, Fleet Maintenance Technology is a combination of platforms & sensory devices designed to streamline your maintenance regimen. This can include:

  • simplified work orders
  • click & point maintenance scheduling
  • automating service reminders based on mileage or engine hours
  • digital vehicle inspections
  • real-time engine diagnostic notifications or alerts
  • maintenance cost-tracking
  • and MUCH more

Ideally, Fleet Maintenance Technology should be both user-friendly and  comprehensive, covering as many needs as possible within a single system or platform.

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Improving Logistics

Reducing Cost

Driver Safety


How Does Latium useFleet Maintenance Technologies

With Latium’s Latlogix Platform, we’ve helped dozens of companies mitigate risk and reduce costs in their Fleet Maintenance Strategies. 

Here are some of the ways we’re doing that…

Digital Inspection Reports

Traditionally, Maintenance & Inspection Reports are done manually, requiring employees to fill in forms by hand and file them accordingly. However, this has its share of drawbacks, from paperwork being misplaced, to the difficulties in effectively scaling as your fleet grows.

At Latium, we remove the need for handwritten inspection reports, enabling employees to digitally fill in reports using their Latlogix enabled Android/iOS device.

Here, we showcase our platform’s ability to digitally log inspection reports, allowing for vehicle walkarounds and a teams note section to ensure your team is on the same page!

Real-Time Engine Diagnostic Alerts

To help your team implement more proactive maintenance strategies, Latium can help your team set up alerts based on engine hours or mileage. For example:

A light-duty truck may require servicing every 5,000 KMs. With Latlogix, notifications can be customized to your liking. For example:

4,500 KMs – Upcoming Service in 500KMs

4,800 KMs – Upcoming Service in 200KMs

5,000 KMs – Service Due

From the Latlogix dashboard, you can get a quick & thorough overview of your entire fleet’s current status, engine hours, and odometer, with alerts configured to notify maintenance staff at pre-set intervals.

Simple Maintenance Scheduling & Work Order Creation

With Latlogix’s built-in maintenance management tools, your team can easily create, modify, and track work orders to help streamline your internal processes.

In the image above, you can see our user-friendly work order creation built directly into our platform. Work orders can be created/updated from any computer, tablet, or phone.

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