Equipment Tracking Solutions

With Latlogix ™, we’ve helped dozens of businesses track, monitor, and optimize their heavy equipment, providing valuable insight into:

  • Location
  • Engine Diagnostics/DTCs
  • Oil Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Operating status
  • Utilization
  • Idle Time
  • And More…

Find out how you can track your fleet of heavy equipment with Latlogix!

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Improving Logistics

Reducing Cost

Driver Safety


Optimize Your Equipment Tracking with Latlogix

With Latium, tracking your equipment has never been easier thanks to our all-in-one Latlogix Platform.

Now, you can track all your vehicles, assets, & equipment within a single interface, finding new ways to:

  • reduce cost
  • extend asset lifespan
  • optimize utilization
  • mitigate idle time
  • implement preventative maintenance scheduling
  • And beyond!

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Why Do I Need Equipment Tracking?

Gain Visibility Into Asset Location

With Latlogix, you can enhance how you monitor and track your fleet of equipment as it travels through Canada, the United States, and Beyond.

Extend Asset Lifespan

Thanks to our comprehensive monitoring, we can configure preventative maintenance notifications to help extend the lifespan of your equipment.

It Can Help Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

By keeping an accurate record of driver behavior and vehicle history, Latlogix has helped many clients reduce their insurance costs by as much as 15%!

Optimize Equipment Utilization

With real-time visibility into asset location & status, you can easily optimize your utilization, downsizing or scaling up as needed.

Our Supported Equipment Brands

And MANY More!

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