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Our FAQs

What industries does Latium work in?

Our wide-range of services have been rendered by businesses across multiple industries, and with fleet's of all size/composition.

We are not confined to a single vertical or industry!


Does Latium have an ideal client?

While our skillset is broad, we do have a few key things we look for in a client or industry partner; i.e. - we like to work with clients looking for a sustainable fleet management strategy, and not just a quick fix.

Learn more about Who We Help & How.


Does Latium Have a Rental Fleet?

We are not a typical rental vendor in that we don't generally have vehicles on-site to choose from - instead, we act as a broker between clients and multiple vendors in order to provide the best possible pricing without the hassle.

You can learn more about our rental options here.


Do you really offer free Fleet Tracking/Telematics hardware? What's the catch?

Yes. Typically, fleet hardware can cost up to $150 per-device, but Latium wanted to help reduce our clients' initial investment while differentiating ourselves in the market.

All we require is a commitment of two years OR the return of the hardware undamaged. You can view our FREE Hardware offering here.


How Did Latium Get Started in Fleet Management?

Latium was founded in 1996 at the height of one of Alberta's greatest oil booms, after identifying some major gaps in the market.

Firstly, while there were a lot of vendors for rentals, consulting, and maintenance, there wasn't a single business that offered all of these services under the same rooftop. Moreover, we saw an opportunity to act as a broker between fleet managers and vendors, doing the legwork and providing our clients with the best possible pricing.

The rest, as they say, is history - take a look at some of our case studies.


What Makes Latium Different from other Fleet Management Companies?

There are 3 things that make us different. First, we deliberately maintain a lean team in order to help pivot to our customers' needs - this has enabled us to quickly implement new strategies within days instead of weeks. Second, we provide true round-the-clock coverage for our clients - that means 24/7, 365, including holidays. Third, our work with you doesn't stop once new SOPs have been implemented - we collaborate with your team to evolve your unique strategy to change with your business.

Learn more about Working With Latium.


How Much Do Latium's Consulting Services Cost?

When it comes to our consulting services, we typically price based on the specific needs of our clients - it all depends on what you're looking for. Our services start at $125/Hour, but this can change with the scale of a given project.

If you'd like to learn more, remember - quotes are free!


How Much of our team's time will be required to work with Latium?

While Latium's team is made up of experts, we can't do it without you - after all, nobody knows your needs better than you!

In the early stages of working together, we'll need you to help us out in answering some pertinent questions about your fleet - these can usually be covered in a couple of meetings where we help define the scope of your fleet strategy & goals. Should you choose to work with us, we'll require:

  • The full attention of your team responsible for fleet operations for (at least) quarterly two-hour review meetings
  • A primary point of contact who can act as a liaison between our team and yours


Who on Latium's Team Will I be Working With?

During our introductory meetings, you will be working directly with our Founders (Lori & Tony Pecorilli) and one of our Client Success managers.


Once a strategy is created, what do you guys do?

Once we've helped develop a strategy for your fleet, you can decide our level of involvement - from the day-to-day operations, to maintenance, and everything in between, our team is eager to support you in any way we can!


Where does the name "Latium" come from?

Historically speaking, Latium was the capital city of the Roman Empire in what is now known as the Lazio region of Italy. As the son of Italian immigrants, our Founder (Tony Pecorilli) wanted a name that spoke to his roots while having an elemental quality to it.

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