Discover how Yonder provides leading Industrial firms with an all-encompassing platform to accelerate, manage, and scale their digital transformation efforts with real-time visibility & predictive analysis of job-site data.

As your operations become more complex, you need a better way to collect, analyze, and access your data.

That's where Yonder comes in.

Using the latest in wireless data capture & Edge Computing, Yonder is a open IoT platform that provides leading industrial firms with enhanced clarity into their connected job-sites to inspire data-driven decision making.

Find out how we're doing it...


Yonder provides businesses with a more affordable way to access & manage their data, thanks to our low monthly plans.



With our plug & play sensory integration, we provide users with a highly scalable platform to accelerate their connected job-site initiatives.



With Yonder, you can start seeing data from your job-sites within minutes, thanks to our real-time analysis & notifications engine.

One Platform - Endless Results

With Yonder, we centralize data collection within a single platform, enabling you to see a more holistic, real-time view of your operations.

Comprehensive Sensory Insight

Thanks to our Sensory Agnostic approach to data collection, our platform can connect to virtually any device on your job-sites, from in-vehicle telematics/monitoring, to wearables, to tank pressure/volume, to in-situ concrete monitoring; the list goes on!

Real-Time Intelligence & Alerts

With Yonder, you can bring real-time intelligence to the forefront of your job-sites & major projects through our real-time alerting tools.

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What Makes Yonder Better?

We're Sensory Agnostic

Most IoT companies provide a stock list of sensors that they can connect to, generally specializing within a single vertical. With Yonder, we take a more accessible approach, enabling users to connect virtually any sensor to our platform, creating a common repository for all their job-site data.

We Analyze Data At-Source

With built-in Edge Computing software, our Parent devices are able to analyze your data at-source, helping reduce latency in messages, increase bandwidth, and push exceptions directly to decision makers.

Longer-Range Data Collection

Using a combination of specialized LoRaWAN sensory and our proprietary edge devices, Yonder enables your team to capture data from 1,000s of wireless sensors up to 10KM/6Miles away.

Faster Sensory Integration

Using our click & point mobile installer application, we're able to help our clients speed up sensory integration up to 50%!

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