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Next Generation Mining Technology

As sensory technology becomes more accessible, the concept of fully connected job-sites isn't anything new.

At Latium, we're helping turn these concepts into a reality, through our scalable Yonder IIoT Platform.

Find out how we're helping our friends in the Mining industry digitally transform their mine sites into smart sites.

With Yonder, we're helping digitally transform mining operations through our centralized data-management platform, bringing edge-computing & real-time analytics to the forefront of your job-sites.

Now, you can simplify how data is accessed used thanks to our standardized portal and live notifications.

What is Yonder?

Yonder is an all encompassing IoT Platform designed to provide users with a way to consolidate data from their job-sites within a single platform.

In a Yonder installation, job-specific sensors are placed across your construction site, each designed to capture a specific KPI. Whether sensors are new installations or from legacy platforms, our Parent Hubs capture this disparate data and provide at-source analytics using our built-in Edge Computing components.

Plus, with our open platform, you can easily connect to THOUSANDS of sensory types, creating a common repository for your data and making it simpler to draw tangible connections between your data sets.

How Does Yonder Work?

Step 1

Wireless, Off-the-Shelf Sensors are deployed across your job-site. These sensors, whether from legacy systems or new installations, capture key data points from your operations.

Step 2

Our Parent Hub captures this data from as far as 10 KM/6 Miles away, where it analyzes it at-source using our built-in Edge Computing algorithms. This helps us reduce data latency, bandwidth, AND push alerts/notifications to decision makers in real-time.

Step 3

Through Yonder's web-based interface, you can gain newfound insight into your operations by creating a shared repository for sensory data.

How Does Yonder Work in Construction Sites?

With Yonder, we're helping leading construction firms find new & better ways to reduce cost, mitigate risk, and limit rework on major projects, with things like...

Vehicle & Equipment Diagnostics

Fleet & Maintenance managers can now obtain a more complete overview of their job-sites, thanks to Yonder's 24/7 equipment monitoring feature.

With Yonder, you can now collect data from your vehicles & equipment like:

  • Engine Hours
  • Location
  • Oil Pressure
  • Temperature
  • DTCs & Diagnostics

PLUS, Yonder can help digitally transform your preventative maintenance program through real-time alerts & notifications.

Health & Safety Sensors

Whether it's simply for the well-being of your workforce or to ensure compliance standards are being met, Yonder can help you adapt & take on the needs of health and safety in construction.

Now, you can easily detect:

  • light
  • noise
  • temperature
  • gas leaks & oxygen sensors
  • and many more!

Reducing IoT Infrastructure

As sensory technology becomes more readily available, our friends in the construction industry face a major challenge:

Too many gateways.

As your list of sensory vendors increases, so do the number of gateways required to capture and collect this data. Moreover, if you're project is multiple stories, you will likely need at least one gateway per-floor.

Given our open integration model, our Yonder Parent devices are able to connect to THOUSANDS of sensory types from multiple vendors, creating a single device for each of your in-situ sensors.

Plus, given our unique penetration capabilities, we can capture data through up to ten floors of concrete using just a single Parent Device!

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