How Yonder is Helping Digitally Transform Pipeline Projects

At Latium, we're combining the latest in Long-Range Sensors, Real-Time Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to bring our friends in the Pipeline Industry a new way to optimize their work on major projects.

Find out how below!

With Yonder, we're helping clients of all sizes reap the full benefit of connected job sites, real-time analytics, and proactive data management.

What is Yonder?

Yonder is an IoT Platform designed to provide users with a way to consolidate data from their job-sites into a single platform.

In a Yonder installation, our parent Hubs are placed on your job-sites, designed to pull data from THOUSANDS of sensory types, from dozens of different vendors.

What Does Yonder Monitor?

With Yonder, you can easily integrate THOUSANDS of different sensory types to help provide 360-Degree coverage of your operations.

Yonder has been used across multiple industries to help monitor:

  • Asset location
  • Humidity & Temperature
  • Noise
  • Fuel & Energy Consumption
  • Vehicle & Equipment diagnostics
  • Location
  • Vibration
  • And MUCH more!

How Does Yonder Work in the Pipeline Industry?

Regardless of what industry you work in, IIOT is going to be a part of it in some way, shape, or form. In fact, it's been estimated that 82% of Industrial Firms will be implementing these technologies by 2022 (Forbes).

Here's How We Can Help You...

Asset Integrity

With over 20 Years' experience consulting and supporting the Pipeline industry, we understand how important the long-term integrity of your project is.

That's why we offer several proactive solutions to help monitor the well-being of project assets throughout the project life cycle: from in-transit, to construction, and beyond!

Help ensure the integrity of:

  • Pipe Segments
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Site Perimeters
  • And More!

Equipment & Vehicle Monitoring

In any major project, your fleet of heavy & auxiliary equipment should be kept top of mind. That's why Yonder is designed to provide equipment managers and site supervisors with comprehensive data on:

  • Engine Hours & Idle Time
  • Utilization
  • Location
  • DTCs & Engine Codes
  • And MORE!

Plus, if you've already invested in equipment monitoring devices, we can integrate those with our Yonder Parent Hub, allowing you to centralize your operations within a single platform!

Worker Movement & Safety

As with any organization working in Heavy Industry, our number one priority is ensuring the safety of your employees while on-site.

With Yonder, you can easily monitor:

  • Worker Movement & Location
  • Worker Health/Diagnostics

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